About Kristen

Hello, my name is Kristen. First of all, thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the world; it’s a pleasure to have you here!! I am the designer and creative hand behind all things here at KPerreault Creates.

I have had a deep love for all things creative throughout my life. When I was younger, I could always be found coloring, making jewelry, painting, scrapbooking or filling in the margins on every notebook I had with endless doodles and this didn’t stop as I got older. After having children I found that my creative time was more limited. Pulling paints out while our four small boys were running around just wasn’t feasible for me any more. So while I continued to draw and doodle I also fell in love with quilting and fabric. And when I say I fell, I mean I fell hard... It quickly became a great source of joy in my life and I haven’t looked back since. Today there is rarely a day that doesn’t go by that I am not either dreaming up a new project, working on a current project, or pulling fabric for something new. Aside from my family, being surrounded by all things creative and colorful truly fills me up and brings me so much joy! My hope is that while you are here, you are able to add a little bit of happiness and color to your world too!!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to pop back in from time to time to take a peek at all of our happenings, I promise that with four small boys there will always be some type of shenanigans!! We’d love to see you again soon so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and be sure to follow along on instagram at @kperreaultcreates


Until next time,


my boys and my first quilt pattern made into a quilt